Videos about Cloud Technologies

De Novo — Exemplary Cloud Infrastructure Provider

De Novo is a Ukrainian provider of IaaS and data center services, whose technology, quality and reliability were confirmed by worldwide leaders VMware and SAP, and tested by Ukrainian enterprise businesses.

Who are the Cloud Operators and how to communicate with them?

Why is it safe, what certification, how to choose a cloud operator, what to look for, and what services state-owned companies of Ukraine can receive today

Cloud services for Goventment in Ukraine

Who is a Cloud Operator in Ukraine, and how to work with it in compliance with the law? — answers the CEO of De Maxim Maxim Ageev.

How to protect information with DR and Backup?

How do cloud resilience and backup solutions help protect your IT infrastructure and your data? — Denis Yemelyanenko, Head of R&D De Novo, answers.

What is the HDI platform?

HDI is a platform for creating and managing virtual desktops. Denis Emelianenko, Head of R&D De Novo, explains more details about the platform, its features and ways to use it.

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