Data Center for the Government Agencies

De Novo data center was built on a modular basis and was put into operation in 2010. The DC is equipped with advanced security tools, as well as a VESDA monitoring and early warning system.

Each module is a physically isolated space that is connected to centralized  energy saving and climate control systems.

The EMP proof shielded module of the De Novo data center, to protect information from special influences, is included in the list of information technical protection means approved as valid proof ensuring technical protection of state information resources and information, the protection requirements of which are established by the law.

Data Center for the Government Agencies



Zero downtime since

commissioning in 2010

3 diesel units (N + 1) and 2 separate

high-voltage power inputs from different substations

Tier III reliability level and compliance with the

requirements of the GSSSZI and the NBU

Multilayer physical access

control system

Separate shielded modules for the needs of state

agencies and companies

Individual automatic

gas fire extinguishing system in the module

Presentation "De Novo Data Center"

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The De Novo DC had zero service downtime. 

Ensuring 100% of the actual availability of De Novo data center services for over 10 years is an outstanding result that has been achieved only by a few data centers in the world.

De Novo offers colocation in one of the largest data centers in Ukraine of TIER III compliance level.

It is the only data center in Ukraine having a modular structure. Each module is a physically separated domain connected to a joint energy distribution and microclimate support systems.

De Novo DC Certificates

The infrastructure of the De Novo data center has received government certificates and comply with all data security requirements. All of the above is confirmed by our own data center's impeccable work, which had zero downtime since 2010.
De Novo`s cyber security is certified ISO27001 and ISO 27701.


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De Novo Data Center offers a wide range of equipment placement services.

You can rent a rack or ½ rack in our Data Center.

For large companies and financial institutions, De Novo offers rental of individual shielded modules.

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