De Novo Clouds and Data Center PCI DSS compliance

De Novo's cloud infrastructure and data center have received the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certificate, which confirms the high level of security systems in the field of payment card processing.

The certificate requires organizations to thoroughly evaluate their security systems and tools. It assesses the maintenance of a secure network infrastructure, the implementation of strong access control systems, regular monitoring and testing of landscapes, protection of user data, etc.

A PCI DSS certificate demonstrates that an organization has implemented the necessary measures to protect sensitive cardholder data and maintain a secure environment for processing payment transactions.

"We have a long-term strategy for the development of a total information security system for all services provided by our company. The PCI DSS standard is distinguished by the most stringent requirements not only for operational processes but also for a set of control systems and prevention of external intrusions. The implementation of PCI DSS for De Novo's cloud infrastructure is another step on this long-standing path. Data security and protection of our users is one of the key advantages of De Novo" - Maxim Ageev, CEO of De Novo

It is worth noting that De Novo clouds and data centers are recertified annually and thus prove their high level of security.

De Novo Clouds and Data Center PCI DSS compliance
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