What is VMware Cloud Verified status and Principal Partner level?

A reliable indicator of the quality of a cloud operator is the certifications and level of statuses issued by the technology stack vendor. Today, VMware has several different certifications, one of the most prestigious being VMware Cloud Verified. In addition, a good indicator for any cloud operator is the level of partnership in the Partner Connect program.

VMware Cloud Verified status confirms that the cloud has been built in full compliance with the VMware recommended reference system architecture. It meets all required criteria for technology, functionality, reliability and resilience. An operator at this level must have a high level of interaction with the provider and integrate its advanced tools (ESXi, vCenter, NSX, vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Operations, vCloud Usage Meter, and the latest versions of vCloud Director and vSAN) into the cloud.

Principal Partners is the highest level in the Partner Connect program. Providers with this level develop and possess profound knowledge of VMware technologies and have experience in hundreds of project deployments in many areas.

At the time of obtaining the statuses, De Novo was one of the top 100 (out of more than 4500) global VMware cloud providers and became the first Ukrainian provider to have this level of partnership and certification.

What is VMware Cloud Verified status and Principal Partner level?

Cloud Verified IaaS is


Provides freedom and flexibility in running high-load business applications


Cloud Verified status can be compatible with each other, since they meet a common reference architecture


an elastic infrastructure is able to quickly respond to changes in the need for cloud resources

Cost Optimization

Consistency across all infrastructure components and operations lowers the total cost of cloud ownership


launch, manage, connect client applications through cloud tools in a common operating environmen


the platform allows the customer to implement individual requirements for setting up and using infrastructure resources; Security and resiliency, proven by the world's leading develope