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You should read this document before using the website. By opening denovo.ua, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms, do not use this website.



DO NOVO LLC ("DE NOVO") grants you the opportunity to use this website ("DE NOVO website") on the terms and conditions set forth below (the "Terms and Conditions"). By opening any page of this De Novo website, you agree to observe these Terms and Conditions. DE NOVO may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice. Whenever you visit the DE NOVO website, you must check the Terms and Conditions for changes.

2. THE DE NOVO WEBSITE            

Using the DE NOVO website, you can get information about products and services DE NOVO has to offer, as well as you can send a request to DE NOVO for more information.


A cookie is a small piece of text that the website you visit sends to the browser. It helps the website to remember the information about your visit, including your preferred language and other settings. This can facilitate your next visit to the site and make it more useful for you. Cookies play an important role as the use of the Internet would be much more complicated if they were not in use.

Below is a list of the types of cookies we use. The Privacy Policy section explains how we protect your privacy when we use cookies and other information.

Types of cookies that denovo.ua uses

Websites apply different types of cookies. Some or all of the following cookies may be stored in your browser. You can view and manage cookies in your browser, but mobile browsers may not offer to view cookies.


These cookies allow the website to store information that changes the way your site works or looks, such as the language or region you select. Using these cookies, you can also change the size of the text, font, and other parts of the web page that you can personalize.

Losing information stored in the cookie settings may reduce the functionality of the website, but it should not interfere with its work.

In browsers, most users have a setup cookie called "NID". The NID cookie contains a unique identifier that the site uses to store your preferences and other information, such as the language you select (e.g., English), the number of search results that should appear on the page (e.g., 10 or 20), and the search filter settings. 


We use security cookies to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use of credentials, and protect user data from unauthorized access.

For example, we use cookies called "SIDs" and "HSIDs" that contain digitally encrypted and digitally signed account ID information, as well as latest login information. Combining these two cookies can block many types of attacks, such as attempting to steal content from forms that you fill on web page.

Process cookie files help the website run and provide expected services to the visitor, such as the transition between web pages or access to protected areas of the site. Without these cookie files, the website will not be running properly
Session status
Websites often collect information about user interaction with a website. This information may include information about the most frequently visited pages and error messages occurring on specific pages. We use these so-called "session cookies" to improve our services and conditions of browsing the web pages. Blocking or deleting these cookies does not result in stopping the website operation
Google Analytics is a Google analytics tool that helps website owners and apps understand how users interact with resources. Using the cookie set, you can collect information and send statistics about the use of websites on Google without having to give personal visitors’ information. Google Analytics uses cookies "__ga" for the most part.
In addition, you can use some of the cookies described above using Google Analytics.


This policy regulates the order and cases how DE NOVO uses your personal information on the De Novo websites in general and how you can control the use of these data. This document uses the term "computer" to refer to computers, smartphones, and other devices that allow users to access the Internet. This Cookies Policy applies to any of our websites, which means any website or mobile application controlled by De Novo, its subsidiary or affiliated entities, or on behalf of De Novo, its subsidiaries or affiliates, regardless of the way in which you get access to the network.

This policy is part of the terms and conditions of use of the De Novo website denovo.ua.


We collect 2 types of information - the data we receive from users and data collected in an automatic mode.

3.1.1. Information provided by users - information about the e-mail address, surname, name, position, company, telephone number, obtained after the user has clicked on the "Register", "Send", "Subscribe", " Download” buttons and other form buttons.

3.1.2 Information received in automatic mode is the data of website visitors, which www.de-novo.biz automatically collects. Google Analytics ("GA") is Google tools that website owners use to study the behavior of users on their web pages. For more information about GA, visit google.com/intl/en_uk/analytics/.

When you visit any pages on the website, your browser transfers information about you to GA tools. In a GA account, we receive the following information:

demographic data (e.g., age, gender, language, country, operating system, browser);
data about interests (sports, games, etc.);
behavior data (new or frequent customer, how much time a customer spends on the website, number of pages);
data on attracting clients (where you found out about the site - direct link, referral, organic search, etc.).

GA tools use cookies to store information about you.


Actually, cookies cannot inform us about your email address or other personal information until you specify it personally, for example, by registering on one of our own websites. Once you give your consent to provide your personal data, this information will immediately be added to the cookie data. Cookies are something like an identification card. They are unique to your computer and can only be read by the server they were provided to.


3.2.1 Мы используем ваш адрес электронной почты для:

send special offers from denovo.ua;

notify about new services by De Novo;

answer questions sent via the contact form or to the email address request@de-novo.biz.

3.2.2. We use data from the GA service to analyze the audience of denovo.ua. We use cookies to improve the functionality of websites based on information about their use, as well as to improve the content, the work of our websites and the offers they make available. We can also use cookies to offer you products and services.

Typically, we use cookies to:

provide the proper security, check, and remember your personal information, so you do not have to enter them each time as soon as you go to a new page;

remember your decision to save your username and password so you do not have to enter them during each visit to the website;

remember which content is most important to you, so that you can modify web pages by adding information that may interest you;

collect and store anonymous information so that we can better understand how visitors use our site and how we can improve the structure of our website.

Our websites use both sessional and permanent cookies.

Below is a list of web pages where you can learn more about the services we use and their cookie policies:.

Facebook privacy policy: facebook.com/about/privacy/your-info-on-other

Twitter privacy policy: twitter.com/privacy

YouTube Cookie Policy: policies.google.com/privacy?hl=ru&gl=ru (standard Google regulations).

3.2.3. We use GA remarketing tools to show ads to users who have previously visited our website on other websites. AdWords tool helps us use this feature. For example, if you have added some products to the basket and decided not to buy them this time. In this case, we may display promotional offers for these products. For detailed information on how these tools work, visit google.com/intl/en_uk/analytics/.


The GA service provides us with anonymous statistics information. The service handles the IP addresses and cookie information used on our websites, so we find out how many people visit our site, how many of them browse through certain pages, what browsers they use (so that we can improve the compatibility of our services for more people), as well as, in some cases, which users live in which countries, cities, and regions.


Many browsers make it possible to refuse to use cookies. The links below will help you learn more about how you can manage cookies in your web browser. However, remember that disabling cookies applies not only to this website but other websites as well.

  • Internet Explorer support.microsoft.com/kb/278835 (This webpage contains information about different IE versions)..
  • Chrome: support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=ru
  • Safari: apple.com/legal/privacy/en-ww/
  • Firefox: mozilla.org/ru/privacy/websites/
  • Opera: opera.com/privacy

Blocking cookies can negatively affect the work of many websites.

You also have the option to delete the cookies stored on your computer. To do this, just follow the browser's instructions. However, again, deleting cookies may have a negative impact on the work of many websites.

For more information about disabling GA cookies for, visit:

Google Analytics: tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

For more information on deleting cookies, visit support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?hl=uk


Using the services at denovo.ua equires you to agree to the terms of the cookie policy. If you do not agree with its provisions, do not visit denovo.ua. We reserve the right to make changes to the cookie policy from time to time without prior notice. In this regard, we ask that you check this policy from time to time to keep up with changes and updates..In order to ask your question about the cookie policy, you can write to the following email address: request@de-novo.biz.


You shall agree not to post or circulate through this website any material that is or may reasonably be construed as (i) libelous, obscene, abusive, racial hatred, discriminatory or blasphemous; (ii) any breach of any obligation relating to confidentiality, privacy or commercial secrecy; (iii) those that violate the proprietary rights of any third parties or that you have not obtained all necessary licenses and/or permits; or (iv) those that violate any other laws.

You shall also agree not to download or send through the Website any materials that may reasonably be construed as grounds for encouraging the behavior that will be treated as a criminal offense, lead to civil liability, or otherwise conflict with the laws of any country or another competent authority, or will violate the rights of any third party that can be applied in any part of the world.

De Novo Company reserves the right to remove any materials from the website if there is sufficient reason to believe that such materials fall outside the scope of this section or otherwise do not comply with it. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you acknowledge that De Novo does not control the website content, which is supplied by other persons, does not check these matters for their reliability, experience, or conformity with the principles listed in these terms and conditions.

You must not link the De Novo website to other websites that are obscene or inappropriate, and you must immediately delete any message if De Novo applies to you at its own discretion.

All materials (including, but not limited to, text, music, sounds, pictures, graphics, images, videos, collections of data, digital downloads, and software) hosted on this website ("Materials") are the property of De Novo and its suppliers and are protected by Ukrainian and international copyright laws.

De Novo allows you to view and download the Materials only for personal, non-commercial use, provided that you will not modify or create derivative works from the Materials in any way, reproduce them or publicly display, distribute or use them otherwise for any public or commercial purposes. Any use of Materials on other websites or computer networks for any purpose is prohibited.

If you wish to use the Materials outside of the scope defined above, you must obtain prior permission from the respective copyright holders or licenses of such Materials, such as De Novo, its suppliers, etc.

If you wish to directly quote any part of the content in electronic or printed materials/media, please contact request@de-novo.biz. If you wish to publish any part of the Materials on a CD or other media, please indicate which part of the Materials you wish to publish.

You shall agree to hold De Novo harmless against any claims to compensate for any loss or damage caused by a breach of this section.


You shall understand and agree that you use the De Novo website at your own risk and that De Novo does not guarantee that De Novo website will meet your requirements or that the De Novo website will run uninterruptedly, without error and safe. De Novo reserves the right to modify or revoke any content that is part of the DE NOVO website at its sole discretion.


De Novo or any other party, which participates or does not participate in the development, production, service or protection of this De Novo website), officers, directors, employees, workers, shareholders or anyone’s representatives are not are obligated and will not be liable for any amount or kind of loss or damage to you or any third party, including without limitation, any direct, indirect, punitive or consequential damages or damage, or any loss income, profit, reputation, data, contracts, possibilities of using g rose or loss or damage arising out of or in any way connected with the obstruction of the business or resulting from a civil offense (including but not limited to negligence), the contract, or in any other manner in connection with this DE NOVO website or in connection with the use, inability to use or through the results of the use of this DE NOVO website, any websites that are linked to this website or materials on such websites, including, but not limited to, loss or damage through viruses that could harm the computer hardware, software, data or other property as a result of your access, use, or viewing of this DE NOVO website, or downloading materials from this website or related sites. This does not affect your legal rights.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude or limit the liability of the DE NOVO Company for (i) death or injury resulting from its negligence; (ii) fraud; or (iii) any liability that cannot be excluded or limited in accordance with applicable law.


8.1. If you choose to register on any part of the De Novo website, you agree to provide De Novo the exact data for registration, as provided for in the registration form. By using the De Novo website, you grant full and unconditional consent and agree to the De Novo policy on the processing of your personal data as set out in this provision.

8.2. By providing your personal information, you voluntarily provide De Novo, as well as third parties who have access to the De Novo website and/or access to the information of the De Novo website or provide any services to De Novo, your unconditional consent on the processing of your personal data posted on the DE NOVO website).

8.3. The personal data processing includes any actions and/or a set of actions related to the collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, renewal, use and distribution (sale, transfer), deletion of your personal data for the purpose of maintenance of the DE NOVO website services.

8.4. The scope of your personal data, which is processed and which may be included in the relevant database of personal data, is determined as any information about you posted by you on the DE NOVO website, which will become known to DE NOVO and any third parties using the DE NOVO website.

8.5. Your consent to the processing of your personal data does not require that DE NOVO send additional messages when transferring your personal data to third parties in accordance with the applicable laws of Ukraine.

8.6. Taking into account this statement, you confirm that you understand your rights as defined by the current legislation of Ukraine, as well as the purpose of collecting, storing and processing your personal data. You also agree that the processing of your personal data is perpetual.

8.7. The purpose of collecting, storing and processing your personal data is to provide you with the personalized services of the DE NOVO website regarding the use of the DE NOVO website, the provision of services offered by the website DE NOVO, processing of your requests on the DE NOVO website, as well as other services of DE NOVO website.

8.8. You, as the owner of personal data, have other rights regarding personal data in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine..

8.9. DE NOVO applies appropriate administrative and technical precautions to protect personal data from accidental or unlawful distribution, unauthorized disclosure, misuse and any other unlawful processing of personal data held by DE NOVO.

8.10. If you want to access your personal data, correct, block or delete your personal information, please write to: request@de-novo.biz.

8.11. Information provided in a form or otherwise through the DE NOVO website will be used by DE NOVO to provide the services you requested through the DE NOVO website.

8.13. We strive to protect your confidential information. Your personal data is stored on secure computers and in manual files and will not be used for purposes other than those set forth in this privacy policy. Access to the DE NOVO server used to store this data is only available to contractors and/or authorized DE NOVO employees (hereinafter referred to as Authorized Personnel) under the strict control of DE NOVO.

8.14. A small portion of the information known as a cookie will be placed on your computer to collect statistical information, such as information about the navigation paths, the number of visits, regular customers, and visitors to the page. Cookies contain personal information that you provide personally. They are not capable of reading data from your hard disk. We use these cookies to determine the usefulness of the information we provide and the usability of our site..

8.15. For more information on cookies, please visit support.google.com/accounts/answer/61416?hl=en.

8.16. DE NOVO does not disclose the information received in the cookies to other organizations, which are not owned by DE NOVO, and does not sell it to third parties. In order not to receive cookies from our website, you can opt out of cookies by disabling them in your browser. You do not have to enable cookies to use any part of the DE NOVO website.

8.17. You have the right to view, correct, update or delete your data by clicking on the special link in your profile or by submitting a request to request@de-novo.biz.

8.18. We will only store your personal data within the time required for the provision of your ordered services, or for any additional period under the law.

8.19. DE NOVO may from time to time change the privacy policy. These changes may affect the use of your personal data. Changes to the privacy policy are posted on the DE NOVO website without prior notice.


DE NOVO trademarks or logos must not be displayed or used in any way without the prior written consent of DE NOVO.


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