Partnership program

Highly profitable partnership program — up to 25% of revenue.
Reliable partner, #1 in Ukraine, market leader in cloud solutions.
Reliable service for your customers with SLA (service availability level) up to 99.98%.

Providing customers with data center services, IaaS cloud infrastructure, and an ecosystem of services.

Independent management of cloud resources to meet customer needs.

Permanent passive income.

Who is the affiliate program for?

The main potential partners can be companies that conduct their business in the following areas:

  • System integration;
  • IT outsourcing;
  • Software development and implementation;
  • Software sales;
  • Telecommunication operators;

Companies whose activities do not fall under the criteria can also participate in the affiliate program.

Who is the affiliate program for?

Basic terms of the affiliate program

The affiliate program is activated when an affiliate brings in a second client. The partner immediately receives the Gold status.

Gold status — 25%

The status is valid for 12 months from the date of assignment.

The status is extended for 12 months for each new "qualified" customer, starting from the calendar month following the month in which this new customer was invited.

Gold status is returned if a partner in Silver status has invited a new customer.

Silver status — 10%

The status is assigned to a partner if there have been no new "qualified" customers in the 12 months that have passed since the last customer was invited.

If no clients have been invited in the last 12 months in the Silver status, payments are suspended for all clients.


— The Gold status is assigned to a partner for the first time from the moment of referring a second customer.

— Rewards are accrued only for De Novo's own resources. Rewards are not accrued for third-party software products purchased by customers from De Novo.

— De Novo reserves the right to downgrade a partner to Silver status if a new customer has been working for less than 3 months or is not "qualified".

— A new customer is considered to be a customer who has passed the "qualified" process, which means that De Novo recognizes the customer as a real new customer.

— Discounts for the client are divided between the partner and De Novo in a 50/50 ratio. For example, if the client receives a 10% discount, the partner will be credited with a 5% fee, which is 50% of the discount.


— Compensation rates for the partner:

Data Center25%10%
Public Cloud25%10%
Private Cloud5%5%

— The reporting period is a quarter.

— Following the results of the reporting period, De Novo sends the Partner a report on all clients assigned to the Partner with the calculation of remuneration.

— The remuneration is paid upon receipt of the original supporting documents from the Partner:

  • Partner's report of the established form;
  • Invoice;
  • Act of work performed.

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