NG-Cloud | Cloud for the corporate sector

NG Cloud (New Generation) is a new generation cloud for enterprise IT infrastructures designed for complex application landscapes and high-load business critical applications.

NG Cloud cloud infrastructure is built on the concept of hyper-convergent architecture VMware Validated Design for Software Defined Datacenter based on the current technology stack VMware vCloud Infrastructure.

NG-Cloud was the first in Ukraine to receive the highest status of VMware Cloud Verified partnership. This is proof that the cloud is built using the latest technology, and provides all the possibilities of the cloud. 

The cloud is created according to the concept of Trusted Cloud - in one infrastructure space there are only proven companies. This concept is the key to security and a secure future for cloud infrastructure.

NG-Cloud | Cloud for the corporate sector

NG-Cloud it

The largest cloud in Ukraine

with all the benefits of a top-class cloud ecosystem

SLA 99.95%

level of availability of infrastructure

Up to 12 months payments

the level of financial responsibility for compliance with the SLA

The total cost of ownership is up to 30% lower

for the purchase of own equipment

Rapid migration

and support by De Novo experts

Ability to create backups

infrastructure and recover in the cloud in Germany


ISO 27001

24/7 technical support

Fanatic Support level

NG-Cloud through the eyes of the customer

NG-Cloud through the eyes of the customer
  • Large virtual machines 32 vCPU 2.4 / 3.7 GHz 512 GB vRAM
  • Virtual All Flash drives with high and stable performance: Tier AF / BF - 20K / 5K IOPS (100% random, 32K block size, 70/30% r / w, <3 ms)
  • 40G virtual networks with latency <100 μs
  • Advanced Edge Gateway features: dynamic routing, SSL VPN, L2 VPN, logging
  • Advanced security features: Distributed Logical Router (DLR), Distributed Firewall (DFW), trunk interfaces
  • Advanced operating portal interface

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More about NG-Cloud / EU-Cloud

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A tool for assessing the utilization and optimization of infrastructure, finding out the causes of abnormal behavior, as well as early warning of potential problems.

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De Novo offers you an ecosystem of products to create an individual infrastructure in the cloud for the needs of your business.

The De Novo ecosystem has a large number of related services available, which provide fast migration, backup and storage of data, construction of a backup data center in case of an accident or catastrophe, monitoring of applied landscapes, etc.

Ask your questions, describe issues.

Our experts will advise how to reduce the cost of IT infrastructure and how to simplify the process of transition to the use of cloud services.

Cloud products De Novo

HPI - Private cloud as a service

HPI - Private cloud as a service

Physically isolated virtual infrastructure that combines the benefits of cloud technology and its "hardware" and is provided to the customer on a "as a service" model

NG-Cloud - Corporate cloud in Ukraine

NG-Cloud - Corporate cloud in Ukraine

New generation cloud for complex application landscapes and business-critical applications with a high load, located in Ukraine

G-Cloud - Cloud for government agencies

G-Cloud - Cloud for government agencies

Specialized cloud for government agencies and enterprises, which is certified by KSZI and is located in a secure module

HANA-Cloud - Certified cloud for SAP HANA applications

HANA-Cloud - Certified cloud for SAP HANA applications

Cloud designed to host HANA databases and SAP applications, and other highly loaded business-critical infrastructures

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