HPI | Private cloud as a service

HPI (Hosted Private Infrastructure) or Private Cloud as a Service is a physically isolated vSphere virtual infrastructure that has a wide range of capabilities for a variety of large business needs and is used exclusively by the customer as a "service" model.

In HPI, unlike equipment rental, you get a ready-made service with scalability, constant updating, support for software licenses, technical support. And also - the responsibility for the physical performance of the service, which lies with the operator.

HPI is built on the VMware vCloud technology stack according to the concept of a software-defined data center. The cloud is provided with technical support from the manufacturer.

The platform has wide possibilities of adaptation to various requirements of business, high technological standards and the expanded functionality of protection, possibilities of deep integration with own infrastructure and cloud services. The service includes round-the-clock monitoring of applied landscapes, which will help to observe various indicators and predict system errors.

HPI | Private cloud as a service

HPI is

A combination of technological advantages

cloud and own infrastructures

Economic benefit up to 50%

compared to public cloud / own infrastructure

Location in any location

both in DC De Novo (Ukraine or Germany) and in DC of the Customer

Deep integration

with its own infrastructure

Compliance with NBU requirements

as the main and / or backup site

Service that is suitable for the authorities

and state-owned enterprises

Local reservation

N+1 for computing resources and N+2 for storage resources

24/7 technical support

Fanatic Support level

In which cases is HPI is better than public cloud?

Regulatory restrictions or corporate policies

Regulatory restrictions or corporate policies

do not allow the use of resources that are in collective use

Exclusive access

Exclusive access

Workloads require exclusive access to computing power and disk resources

Full control is required

Full control is required

redundancy policies, performance and utilization metrics, crypto security settings, high availability, and dynamic balancing

Deep integration with our own infrastructure is needed

Deep integration with our own infrastructure is needed

at the level of the visualization layer: "live" migration of workloads, backup and recovery

Internal service provider model

Internal service provider model

Delegation of separate segments of infrastructure to various groups / divisions, possibility to spread costs chargeback / showback

Inability to use licenses and software

Inability to use licenses and software

in collective clouds. However, HPI has no restrictions on the use of its own licenses and software

Backup data center or IT infrastructure recovery

Backup data center or IT infrastructure recovery

in the event of an accident or catastrophe with synchronous or asynchronous data replication. With RTO = minutes, and RPO = 0

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De Novo HPI in numbers

9 complexes

6 in the De Novo data center, 3 in the customer data center

75 hosts

1500 E5 v4 2.2GHz cores, 20 TB RAM, 60 AF disk groups

800 TB storage capacity

≈1.3M IOPS (including 360 TB All Flash)

Disaster Recovery

1 synchronous pair (Disaster Tolerant Infrastructure) and 1 asynchronous DC (2x site architecture)

HPI testing options

Test copy

  • Free for up to 14 days;
  • Full-featured system;
  • Requires prior approval.

Pilot contract

  • Short-term contract for 3-6 months on special terms;
  • Ability to place HPI in the Customer's data center;
  • Possibility of seamless transition to a commercial contract with special conditions.

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De Novo offers you an ecosystem of products to create an individual infrastructure in the cloud for the needs of your business.

The De Novo ecosystem has a large number of related services available, which provide fast migration, backup and storage of data, construction of a backup data center in case of an accident or catastrophe, monitoring of applied landscapes, etc.

Ask your questions, describe issues.

Our experts will advise how to reduce the cost of IT infrastructure and how to simplify the process of transition to the use of cloud services.

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