HPI (Hosted Private Infrastructure) is a physically isolated VMware vSphere virtual infrastructure which has a large variety of capabilities for different needs of large enterprises and is exclusively used by the customer “as a service".

Unlike equipment rental, HPI provides you with a ready-to-use, scalable, kept up-to-date service with software license & technical support and performance secured by the provider.

HPI is built on the VMware vCloud technology stack in accordance with the concept of a software-defined data center. The cloud has Production-Grade Support.

The platform is flexibly adapted to various requirements of business, has advanced functionality and the ability to deeply integration with own infrastructure and cloud services.


Sovereign Cloud powered by VMware - the guarantee of data protection and compliance with regulatory requirements


Taking the best

of both on premise and cloud infrastructure

TCO is up to 50%

lower compared to cloud

Placement in any location

both in the De Novo DC as well as the client's one

A wide range

of data protection tools

Main and/or backup

field also suitable for banks

OTR state expert appraisal

and KSZI certificate of conformity

An up-to-date VMware

technological stack

Fanatic Support



Regulatory restrictions or corporate policies

Regulatory restrictions or corporate policies

prevent the use of shared resources

Exclusive access

Exclusive access

Workloads require exclusive access to compute and disk resources

Full control of redundancy

Full control of redundancy

policies, performance and utilization indicators, encryption settings, high availability and dynamic balancing is required

Deep integration with own infrastructure

Deep integration with own infrastructure

at the level of the rendering layer is required (live migration of workloads, backup and recovery)

Insource provider

Insource provider

Provision of a pool of resources for the use by different groups/departments, the ability to divide chargeback/showback expenses

Need to use corporate licenses

Need to use corporate licenses

environment clouds. However, HPI has no restrictions on the use of own licenses and software

Backup data center for IT infrastructure

Backup data center for IT infrastructure

recovery in the event of a disaster with synchronous or asynchronous data replication.

Whitebook: True Private Cloud — how to make it more convenient?

HPI testing options

Test trial

  • 14 days free trial;
  • Fully functional system
  • Requires prior approval

Pilot contract 

  • 3-6 months short term contract on special terms
  • HPI placement on premise is available
  • Option of seamless transition to a commercial contract on special terms is available

Whitebook: Public or Private — which cloud to choose?

Object Storage Backup Repository (OSBR)

The service is designed to function as part of HPI together with Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise edition or higher.
OSBR provides storage of two sets of backups: local and geo remote.

Restoring from a geo copy is possible to any VMware or Hyper-V virtual infrastructure with Veeam Backup & Replication installed or to the cloud of one of the global cloud providers: Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, with some limitations or to De Novo cloud.

The Local Copy is stored directly in the HPI and provides quick recovery of part or all of the application landscape in cases of logical data destruction due to software or human errors, destructive virus activity, etc.

The Geo Remote Copy is in AWS S3. It is created concurrently with the local one as a Disaster Recovery feature, which allows you to restore the application landscape when the HPI complex is completely inaccessible.

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