Virtual desktops as a service | HDI

Hosted Desktop Infrastructure is a comprehensive solution to user mobility and data security.

HDI enables large staff from any location and device, storing data within the organization, with controlled access to virtual desktops and applications.

The platform allows you to quickly automatically create remote workspaces and fully manage system settings, list of available applications, security policies, users and more.

HDI increases the productivity of IT services, speeds up responses to business needs and significantly increases the quality of service to users.

Virtual desktops as a service | HDI

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Increased level of control and security

✔️ Full control over user data;

✔️ Full control over privacy policy settings;

✔️ Log all events and changes in the Horizon landscape.



✔️ Physically isolated platform

Deployed on physically isolated resources of the private cloud

✔️ Increased security

Full control over the security of data available to users

✔️ Flexibility of settings

Manage resources, users, configurations, desktop and application policies

✔️ 24/7 monitoring

De Novo provides round-the-clock monitoring, incident support and regular updates

✔️ Placement in any data center

The hardware part of the platform can be placed both in the De Novo data center and at the customer

✔️ Flexibility to increase or decrease

Avoid the costs associated with the error of planning in case of growing needs

Graphics for special needs

Graphics for special needs

Powerful virtual graphics station with support for up to 2x8K or 4x4K monitors to run professional CAD, CAE and rendering software.

HDI is equipped with NVIDIA GPUs. NVIDIA GRID Virtual GPU (vGPU) software technology dramatically improves the user experience by accelerating graphics processing. This helps to efficiently utilize virtual workspaces and schedule workloads for subsections.

This functionality can be useful not only for rendering, 3D modeling and design, but also for intensive work with modern office packages and a variety of applications.

When HDI is a good solution

You have a large enterprise with

a well-developed and important IT component

There is a need to comprehensively address the issues of

user mobility and security

Full control over

resources, configurations, security policies, etc.

There is a need to improve the efficiency of

IT direction of the enterprise

It is necessary to minimize the risks of unjustified

expenditures and reserving resources

There is a need to transform and digitalization

of the IT department

E-book "From VDI to HDI"

Areas of responsibility

Responsibility of the De Novo:

  • Provides the composition of the resource cluster and options Horizon;
  • Maintains the relevance of the technology stack;
  • Provides N+1 redundancy for computing and N+2 for data storage resources;
  • Manages the configuration, monitors the state of physical resources;
  • Responsible for the performance of the entire platform - from equipment to the hypervisor and control components;
  • Resolves incidents and problems, including cases to VMware support and hardware manufacturers.

Responsibility of the Customer

  • Manages capacities: monitoring, planning, timely scaling;
  • Manages virtual resources, network and infrastructure of virtual desktops;
  • Generates basic images of virtual machines and applications, supports them;
  • Defines policies for users of virtual desktops and applications;
  • Manages user data;
  • Provides HDI interaction with its own IT services.

What are HDI virtual desktops?

What are HDI virtual desktops?

Free testing for up to 14 days

Test stage

3 C-node S (16c, 384GB)
1 С-node L (32с, 768GB)
6 disk group All Flash
1 Enterprise Storage
1 Mass Storage

NVIDIA GRID vGPU Software: Virtual Applications (vApps), Virtual PC (vPC), Virtual Workstation (vWS)

Requires prior approval.
Free for up to 14 days

Pilot contract

Short-term contract for 3-6 months on special terms.

Possibility of placement in the Client's data center.

Possibility of seamless transition to productive operation.

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