De Novo Data Сenter

De Novo offers services of placement of IT equipment in one of the largest data centers of Ukraine of the TIER III compliance level. Since 2010, the De Novo data center has not interrupted the service to users for a second. Thus, ensuring 100% actual availability of De Novo data center services for over than 10 years is a remarkable result achieved by only a few data centers in the world.

The De Novo data center was put into operation in November 2010. 

It is the only data center in Ukraine built on a modular basis. Each module is a physically limited volume connected to common energy saving and microclimate support systems.

The De Novo Data Center was launched in November 2010. In 2017, De Novo launched the second phase of facilities. The total capacity of the Data Center is 360 places.

Today, the company serves the country's largest banks and is also the site for the largest IaaS cloud in Ukraine.

De Novo Data Сenter

Differences between DC–1 and DC–5

The De Novo data center is divided into two physical blocks in which the processes and metrics specified in the contract differ.

DC–1 is the only data center in Ukraine built on a modular basis.
Each module is a physically limited volume, which consists of separate shielded cameras connected to the engineering infrastructure.

DС–5 is intended for placement of the equipment in the common space.
The engine room consists of the unshielded cameras connected to system of power supply of DC–1, zones of presence of telecom operators in DC–1 and dispatching system. All other systems are their own.

Data Center Characteristics

Comparison of DC–1 and DC–5

The DC is divided into two physical blocks in which the processes and metrics fixed in the contract differ

Secured module characteristics

Each module of DC–1 is physically limited – the shielded camera is connected to the engineering infrastructure

Rental space characteristics

The common engine room is an unshielded camera connected to the power supply system of DC–1

Data Center from the inside

Advantages of the De Novo Data Center

Data Center №1 in Ukraine

Data Center №1 in Ukraine

Market share is more than 25%, according to IDC research in 2017. The largest banks in the country trust us with their IT infrastructure.



Compliance with the level of reliability of TIER III and the requirements of the NBU. 10 years of work without any stop.

SLA guarantee

SLA guarantee

Uptime 99.982% according to SLA (service level agreement). Financial responsibility up to 12 monthly payments.



Centralized round-the-clock system of monitoring, physical security and physical access.

Engineering infrastructure

Engineering infrastructure

2 high-voltage power inputs. Group of 4 diesel substations. Individual automatic gas fire extinguishing system in the module.

Availability of necessary telecommunications

Availability of necessary telecommunications

15 operators. 2 independent fiber-optic routes to the UA-IX switching center.

Whitebook: How to choose a reliable Data Center? Overview of key parameters

Characteristics of Tier III-IV

  • Component redundancy - N+1.
  • Availability of services - 99.98%.
  • Maximum allowed downtime - 1.6 hours per year. De Novo data center operates without a single shutdown during the whole period of its existence.
  • Uninterrupted cooling.
  • Two active resource allocation routes.
  • Hot replacements for "vital" resources.
  • The number of employees per shift: more than 2 engineers.
  • Technical support in 24/7 mode.
  • Allocation to screened dedicated modules.

De Novo customers

Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Operator of the gas transmission system of Ukraine
Nova Poshta
Страховая компания «УНИКА»
Дніпровська Міська Рада
Страховая компания ARX
ГП «Укрспирт»
Inter Cars Ukraine

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De Novo Data Center offers a wide range of equipment placement services.

You can rent a rack or ½ rack in our Data Center.

For large companies and financial institutions, De Novo offers rental of individual shielded modules.


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