The De Novo data center is divided into two physical blocks in which the processes and metrics specified in the contract differ.

DC–1 is the only data center in Ukraine built on a modular basis.

Each module is a physically limited volume, which consists of separate shielded cameras connected to the engineering infrastructure.

DС–5 is intended for placement of the equipment in the common space.

The engine room consists of the unshielded cameras connected to the system of power supply of DC–1, zones of presence of telecom operators in DC–1 and the dispatching system. All other systems are their own.




Commissioning date

November 2010April 2018
Square2117 m21200 m2
Electrical capacitytotal 3050 kW
IT capacity1050 kW500 kW
Types of machine halls

S - 4 racks / 30 kW

L - 8 racks / 60 kW

H - 25 racks / 160 kW

2 halls with 36 racks each/ 115 kW

2 halls with 34 racks each / 115 kW

Machine halls shieldingThe resolution of NBU №243
The raised floor limit of load1500 kg800 kg
The rack limit of capacity≤ 15 kW power consumption≤ 10 kW the total value of the power supplies installed on one shoulder.
The microclimate of machine halls comply with ASHRAE

2 inputs to the building, 2 telecom operator presence rooms

At least 15 telecom operators

External electricity supply2 TM-4000/10 kVA substations with power supply from Nivki substation and Priorskaya substation
Power AssembliesАВВ MNSSchneider Electric
Diesel generators4 (3) (N+1) Cummins C1675 D5, 1340 кВт (Standby)
Fuel5m3, 5m3, 1m3 main reservoirs, 5 м3 emergency tank
Uninterruptible power supplies

2 rooms (N+1), 6 (4) MGE Galaxy 7000, 500 kVA

Operating time from the battery not less than 15 minutes

Batteries2 rooms (N+1), 6 (4) chains 144 pcs. YUASA SWL1800FR 55 Ah

System chiller-fancoil (N +1) 

5 (3) chillers Clivet WSAT-XSC 240H

2 hydro accumulator 40 m3, autonomy up to 40 minutes

73 air conditioner STULZ ASD 420 SW

6 (5) air conditioners STULZ ASD 800 SW

4 air conditioner APC InRow ACRC100

Precision air conditioners 

4 x 4 (2) STULZ ASD 391 ASF 

R410A refrigerant 

Ventilation unitsWolfАerostar

Citect SCADA software, Schneider Electric hardware

At least 29 000 controlled variables, at least 500 mimics

Access controlAPACS 3000, archive more than 200 days
The early fire detection systemSECURITON ASD 535FMST-FXV-44E
Fire suppressionFIKE, extinguishing agent HFC-227еаBGP Impulse-100-2 extinguishing agent HFC-125
Video surveillanceOver 120 cameras, archive more than 70 daysOver 50 cameras, archive more than 70 days
Support24 / 7 / 365 according to SLA
StaffAt least 6 workers per shift
Product Difference

Individual approach

Additional equipment according to the technical task

Implementation requires approvals

Products by the configurator

Quick activation period

* 4 (3) — design and the actual amount of installed equipment


 Cabinet space rental in a shielded module Cabinet space rental in the collective engine roomRent ½ cabinets in the collective engine room
Rack typewidth up to 800 mm, depth up to 1200 mmwidth up to 800 mm, depth up to 1200 mmwidth up to 600 mm, depth up to 1100 (1200) mm
Rack heightUp to 48 UUp to 48 U20 U
Maximum power density≤ 15 kW / rack≤ 10 kW / rack for power supplies≤ 5 kW for power supplies
Power inputstwo independent
Topology of redundant precision cooling of IT equipment


front → rear; 

bottom → top;

 front → top; 

front / bottom / rear → top

front → rear
Maximum rack weight1500 kg800 kg 
Communicationsdata center switching centers (2 pcs.) + intermodule communications (if necessary)data center switching centers (2 pcs.)


Square14 m224 m2
Number of racks48
Power quota for IT equipment30 kW (40 kW - boost mode)60 kW (80 kW - boost mode)
Maximum power density20 kW / rack15 kW / rack
Ability to install enterprise racksyes
Power inputstwo independent
Topology of redundant precision cooling of IT equipmentuniversal: front → rear; bottom → top; front → top; front / bottom / rear → top
Load on the raised floor1500 kg (distributed), 500 kg (point)
Cable communicationsdata center switching centers (2 pcs.) + intermodule communications (if necessary)
Screeningin accordance with the requirements of the resolution of the NBU №243 from 04.07.2007
FirefightingAutonomous automatic gas, VESDA early detection system
Autonomous fire resistance60 minutes


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De Novo Data Center offers a wide range of equipment placement services.

You can rent a rack or ½ rack in our Data Center.

For large companies and financial institutions, De Novo offers rental of individual shielded modules.

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