De Novo ISO/IEC 27001 compliance

The international standard ISO 27001 sets requirements for an information security management system (ISMS) in a company. ISMS allows for systematic risk management and ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information resources.

Implementation of an ISMS is a complex and lengthy process that involves all aspects of the company's operations. De Novo started preparing for the certification audit in mid-2016. The existing ISMS processes were brought into full compliance with the requirements of the standard, which required adjustments to almost all of the company's core business processes. As a result, in the spring of this year, the company successfully passed an audit and received a certificate of compliance with ISO 27001. The audit was conducted by an international company, and the certificate is recognized in all countries of the world.

"The security of cloud services is achieved by a whole range of permanent organizational and technical measures," explains Gennadiy Karpov, Chief Technology Officer at De Novo, "Obtaining a certificate of compliance with ISO 27001 is a confirmation from an independent and reputable international organization that this complex is implemented in De Novo adequately and fully. The certificate opens the way to the De Novo Cloud for organizations that need independent confirmation of a high level of security due to regulatory requirements or corporate policies."

"De Novo's strategy aimed at creating the most reliable and secure cloud services has received its logical development," added Maxim Ageev, CEO of De Novo, "Let me remind you that in mid-2016 we received a certificate of compliance of the G-Cloud cloud service with the requirements of the CISS. Today, De Novo Cloud is the only such service in Ukraine that holds both Ukrainian and international certificates. We are able to serve both the public sector and large international companies with the same full compliance with information security requirements."

De Novo ISO/IEC 27001 compliance
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