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De Novo is a Ukrainian provider of cloud services IaaS and Data Centers, the manufacturability, quality and reliability of which are certified by world specialists VMware and SAP, and tested by the Ukrainian corporate business.
De Novo cloud services are designed for enterprise clients 鈥 it is the highest league of Cloud Solutions in the range of tasks and profitability.

Sales support manager, Kyiv

Resumes corresponding to at least 80% of professional competencies are accepted for consideration.
Candidates with experience of 1 year in accordance with the "content of work" are given preference.

Job content:

  • Effecting control over full range of workflow with company's key clients.
  • Supporting key account managers in gathering and consolidating data from company's internal services, filling out RFP questionnaires (or similar) at the stage of preparing business proposals, contracts etc. for key accounts.
  • Maintaining regular project and task communication with key accounts, encompassing sales, project and contract documentation design and logistics
  • Timely processing of incoming inquiries from key clients as to accompanying documentation on projects and contacts
  • Analyzing, reconciling with the original data, editing contract papers at the stage of negotiation, and signing. Controlling the comprehensiveness of the documentation package.
  • Interaction with key clients' corresponding services on paperwork within the processes referring to sales, contracts and regular workflow.
  • Regular control of company's CRM data comprehensiveness on interacting with key accounts, working conditions, service requests etc. Updating the information.

Requirements: University degree

Desirable criteria:

  • Degree in law, economy or accounting, administrative management, project management.
  • Relevant experience (relatable to Job content) - more than 2 years.
  • Experience in IT sphere.
  • Knowledge of English.

Professional competences:

  • Effective time management.
  • Monitoring and managing tasks completion.
  • Public speaking skills.
  • Business ethics, business communication, business correspondence.
  • Fluent Russian and Ukrainian.
  • MS Office (Outlook, Word, and Excel) confident user, able to process documents in Review mode.
  • Experienced in electronic paperwork.
  • Good prioritizing skills at functional tasks fulfillment.
  • Positive interpersonal communication, a team player.
  • Analytical thinking.

The candidate should be able to give proof to any of the abovementioned qualifications at the interview.

Business competences: Ability to work in accordance with corporate standards, policies and methodologies.

Personal qualities: Responsible, initiative, self-organized, punctual, careful, communicative, flexible, stress proof, polite, conscientious, attentive, positive, with good grammar, able and willing to study.

Working conditions:

  • Official employment.
  • Medical insurance after successful trial period.
  • Free corporate phoning within set limits.              
  • Company car available for business needs.
  • Sweet Fridays, gym and other incentives from company.

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