About De Novo

De Novo is a Ukrainian provider of cloud services IaaS and Data Centers, the manufacturability, quality and reliability of which are certified by world specialists VMware and SAP, and tested by the Ukrainian corporate business.
De Novo cloud services are designed for enterprise clients — it is the highest league of Cloud Solutions in the range of tasks and profitability.

Business Analyst, Kyiv

Resumes corresponding to at least 80% of the offered professional competencies are considered.

Job content:

  • Describing current and new business processes.
  • Taking part in improving current functionality or developing new solutions.
  • Collecting and analyzing customer's computerization needs and demands.
  • Interaction with involved parties at the stages of choosing, developing, testing and implementing informational systems.
  • Decomposition and launching task execution.
  • Preparing and consolidating functional requirements, technical tasks within business solution development.
  • Keeping project, internal and external technical documentation records
  • Approving delivered functional from internal and external developers, subcontractors.
  • Involvement in testing new solutions. Business and technical testing of the functional and its integration.
  • Compiling instructions for the end user.
  • Data operating.
  • Developing data quality criteria.
  • Proactive current data error detection.
  • Development of solutions to correct errors with data.


  • University degree.
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience.
  • Understanding software life cycle including development and testing stages.
  • Experience with analyzing processes and business requirements.
  • Experience with compiling project documentation (vision, concept, functional requirements, technical task, SRS).
  • Experience with designing testing scenarios.

Professional competences (must have):

  • Skilled in creating User Stories, User Cases.
  • Basic knowledge of Terrasoft Creatio (BPMOnline).
  • Skilled with modeling business processes (BPMN).

Professional competences and work experience (preferable):

  • Understanding flexible software development methodology (Scrum, Kanban).
  • Experience with integration projects execution and software deployment.
  • Experience with designing testing scenarios.
  • Experience with using SQL.
  • Knowledge of JSON.
  • Understanding REST API principles.

Personal qualities: ability to listen to client, clearly and constructively state your opinion, operate with systematic approach; effective,  stress proof, responsible, punctual, a good team player.  

Business skills: Ability to operate in accordance with corporate standards, policies and methodologies.

Working conditions:

  • Official employment.
  • Medical insurance after successful trial period.
  • Free corporate phoning within set limits.
  • Company car available for business needs.
  • Sweet Fridays, gym and other incentives from company.

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