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De Novo is a Ukrainian provider of cloud services IaaS and Data Centers, the manufacturability, quality and reliability of which are certified by world specialists VMware and SAP, and tested by the Ukrainian corporate business.
De Novo cloud services are designed for enterprise clients — it is the highest league of Cloud Solutions in the range of tasks and profitability.

Cloud and network systems engineer

Your responsibilities:

- As a technology expert (systems engineer) participate in R&D projects, as well as in the initial launches of software and hardware complexes of private and collective cloud infrastructures, along with server, network infrastructures and storage systems (including physical installation and switching), and also virtualization software technological stack (SDDC, SDS, SDN).

- Support the relevance of software and hardware systems’ technological stack (including updating the equipment microcode).

- Develop and maintain operational documentation (process maps, diagrams, charts, CMDB) and user documentation.

- Provide technical support for the complexes, provide diagnostics and troubleshooting, interact with customers’ IT specialists and with vendors technical support services while processing service requests.

- Carry out customers employee training in deployed complexes basic management and work methods.

- Maintain and develop personal professional and business competencies.

- Participate in training and obtaining certificates required for maintaining vendor status.


- Have prior work experience with specialized companies (integrators, vendors, distributor service departments, cloud service providers, telecom providers) or with the IT services of large IT-dependent companies (e.g., banks, logistics operators, e-commerce) with the same or similar responsibilities.

- Outgoing (position requires communication with colleagues and clients), attentive / organized (position requires exceptional concentration, akin flying an aircraft), passionate about professional activities (work as a hobby), motivated for professional and personal development, have adequate self-esteem.

Your professional competencies:

- Familiarity with the IT service-process management theory (ITIL), experience in ITSM-processes.

- Knowledge and understanding of the open systems interaction (OSI) reference model and the TCP/IP stack.

- Network equipment configuring skills, understanding and experience of using NAT, VPN, VLAN, trunk, EtherChannel and similar technologies such as LACP, STP, routing (IGP/BGP family), ACL.

- Proficiency in theoretical foundations of SAN, local and network SZD.

- Practical experience with x86/x64 server systems and with features of their configuration for building complex software and hardware platforms.

- Knowledge of virtualization technologies basic principles and basic models of using virtual/cloud platforms.

- Familiarity with the current technology stack VMware (vSphere, vSAN, NSX).

- Practical knowledge and experience of administration of developed virtual infrastructures based on VMware technologies.

- Basic knowledge and skills of installing, deploying and configuring Windows Server and Linux basic services.

- Familiarity with Microsoft's software infrastructure reference model. Basic knowledge and skills of installing, deploying and configuring AD, DNS, DHCP, PKI, ISA, SQL basic services.

- Knowledge of the basic operation principles, deployment and configuration of backup systems skills (familiarity and experience with Veeam products is an advantage).

- Experience in working with vendor price lists and configurators, ability to compose and read hardware and software specifications.

- Practical interaction experience with vendor technical support services (opening/closing cases, escalation, reporting).

Your business competencies:

- Ability to adhere to the corporate work standards, policies and methodologies.

- Structured documents development skills.

- Familiarity and experience with basics of project activities.

- English language proficiency for professional activities: free reading of technical documentation, correspondence, understanding of oral presentations (seminars, conferences), written and spoken communication with vendor support.

Our offer:

- Interesting job, regular "technological quests" and no boredom at work.

- Great professional growth opportunities, space to learn and teach, work on the technological front and hands-on involvement in solving national issues.

- Official employment, social security in accordance with the Labor Code of Ukraine (in reality - much higher).

- Fully official salary and bonuses for performance. Confirming your source of income will never be a problem for you.

-Medical Insurance.

- Comfortable corporate culture based on the recognition of each person’s value and individuality. We listen and hear each other, we maintain a balance between authority and responsibility, we are not afraid to make mistakes and we recognize everyone's right to make mistakes.

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