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De Novo is a Ukrainian provider of cloud services IaaS and Data Centers, the manufacturability, quality and reliability of which are certified by world specialists VMware and SAP, and tested by the Ukrainian corporate business.
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Deputy Chief Accountant, Kyiv

Resumes corresponding to at least 80% of the offered professional competencies are considered.

Job description:

  • Organizing the accounting department work, oversight of document flow between the enterprise’ divisions and control of submission of original documents into the accounting department, monitoring electronic document flow with Suppliers and Buyers via M.E.Doc system.
  • Oversight of all areas of the company's accounting management, including the period end closings in relations with Suppliers and Buyers, assets accounting, lease payments accounting.
  • Contract harmonization, tracking the terms of contracts with Suppliers and Buyers and implementing them in the company's accounting.
  • Service cost accounting, capital investments cost accounting.
  • Control of the reserves formation in accordance with the enterprise’ accounting policy and standards.
  • VAT declaration setup, monitoring of transactions with VAT accounting.
  • Payroll, providing reports to regulatory authorities, including the Consolidated Report on Personal Income Tax and Unified Social Tax.
  • Oversight of staff payroll records, of work schedules records setup, of time-sheet, vacation orders, hiring, dismissals records.
  • Initiation of accounting automation processes in 1C and their monitoring.
  • Financial and statistical reports setup, control over their timely submission to regulatory authorities, participation in audits.
  • Current legislation monitoring and prompt implementation of changes in accounting.

Mandatory qualifications:

  • Higher education.
  • Work experience: at least 2 years as Deputy Chief Accountant/Chief Accountant.

Professional qualifications:

  • Accounting. Proficiency and working knowledge in Accounting principles and National standards (knowledge of the IFRS basics is desirable), as well as knowledge of Ukrainian accounting normative documents.
  • Tax accounting. Knowledge of the main tax accounting legislation in Ukraine. Knowledge and understanding of the foundations and principles of tax accounting. Ability to work with new normative documents related to changes in tax legislation.
  • Advanced user proficiency in 1C 8.2., M.E.Doc, Excel.

Business skills:

  • Ability to operate in accordance with corporate standards, policies and methodologies.
  • Analytical mindset.

Working conditions:

  • Official employment.
  • Medical insurance after successful trial period.
  • Free corporate phoning within set limits.
  • Company car available for business needs.
  • Sweet Fridays, gym and other incentives from company.

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