App Launchpad

App Launchpad is a service for DevOps developers and engineers that allows you to quickly and easily deploy complex application landscapes from App Catalog templates (both in the format of virtual machines and containers) and manage them without the need for detailed knowledge of basic infrastructure settings. App Launchpad is integrated directly into the Cloud Director operating portal.

Using App Launchpad, developers and DevOps engineers can launch applications to VMware Cloud Director in seconds.

App Launchpad

App Catalog

Catalog of ready-to-use applications in the format of virtual machines and containers. There are about 180 templates. Templates are always relevant, safe and designed to work directly "out of the box". The templates meet industry standards and all components and libraries are constantly monitored for vulnerabilities and critical updates.

The App Catalog is updated automatically and always contains the latest versions of templates.

Templates in the format of virtual machines can be deployed by standard tools for managing templates and directories of the Cloud Portal operating portal or using the App Launchpad. To deploy in container format, you must have a Kubernetes cluster created using the Cloud Containers Infrastructure (CCI Basic) service and use the App Launchpad service.

The service is free. Only IaaS resources are paid.

App Launchpad benefits

Flexibility for Developers

Equip developers with validated tools they need to build, develop, and innovate

Amplify your cloud environment

Choose from a robust ecosystem of third-party and open source solutions that align to your business goals

Innovation with Assurance

Easily find solutions from the VMware technology partner ecosystem that are interoperable or validated and certified with VMware technologies

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App Launchpad and App Catalog

The service allows you to quickly and conveniently deploy complex application landscapes from App Catalog templates

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