Cloud for Developers family of services

Cloud for Developers (C4D) is a family of services aimed primarily at developers and DevOps engineers using modern architectural approaches for developing, deploying and operating applications: microservice architectures, Kubernetes container platforms, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools and environment CI/CD.

Cloud Container Infrastructure, App Catalog and App Launchpad services make it easy to use the De Novo cloud, and their graphical interfaces are integrated directly into the Cloud Director operational portal.

JD-Cloud is a platform delivered as a service (PaaS) that has its own management portal and can be ordered as a separate product.

Cloud for Developers family of services

Cloud Container Infrastructure

A set of tools for creating and conveniently managing Kubernetes (K8s) clusters in the De Novo cloud.

Cloud Container Infrastructure products are designed to solve a number of problems: from improving the efficiency in container management and facilitating the tasks of DevOps engineers to running business-critical applications.

The services are built on VMware Cloud Director and VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid products and are CNFC certified, minimizing compatibility issues when moving containers to another environment.

App Launchpad & App Catalog

App Launchpad is a service for developers and DevOps engineers that allows you to quickly and easily deploy and manage complex application landscapes from App Catalog templates in both virtual machine and container formats without the need for detailed knowledge of setting up the underlying infrastructure.

The App Catalog is a catalog of ready-to-use application templates in virtual machine and container format. There are about 180 templates.

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