About De Novo

De Novo is a Ukrainian provider of cloud services IaaS and Data Centers, the manufacturability, quality and reliability of which are certified by world specialists VMware and SAP, and tested by the Ukrainian corporate business.

De Novo cloud services are designed for enterprise clients — it is the highest league of Cloud Solutions in the range of tasks and profitability.

Business DevOps Cloud direction leader

De Novo — is the leading Ukrainian Cloud & DC service provider, operating on the market since 2008. All our services belong to the infrastructure layer of IT systems.

De Novo's customers include major banks, insurance companies, leading private and public enterprises, and national online service platforms.

De Novo is striving to enter new market segments and is preparing to open a new type of cloud service — DevOps Cloud, designed to serve software developers and modern applications of the CNA class (Cloud Native Applications).

We are looking for a new business leader who can meet our ambitious goal.

If you:

  • have business experience in the field of software development and/or DevOps services,
  • understand the world of cloud technologies,
  • have business leader ambitions and a desire to create a new business

then we are looking for you. It is not easy to get into the team of leaders, but do venture out — because you might succeed!

Business skills requirements

  • Ambitions and desire to “get your hands off the keyboard” and move from the level of an experienced technical specialist to the position of a business leader, able to organize a team to solve problems beyond the physical capabilities of one person;
  • Ability to think strategically, transforming technology into new asset for the customer;
  • Ability to understand and recognize business needs, and transform them into a new product or service;
  • Basic or intermediate level of knowledge in the financial field - budgeting, pricing, creating business models;
  • In-depth understanding of the software developers business - organizational structure, arrangement of development pipeline and CI/CI setting, specific need and requirements for PaaS class cloud services;
  • Level of English: Upper-Intermediate or above.

Personal qualities

  • Leadership qualities, ability to create efficient teams.
  • Business orientation, systematic thinking, developed cognitive abilities, analytical mind.
  • Good communication skills both within a team and outside of it.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Set up and develop Go-To-Market and technical strategy for PaaS Cloud as a new business line of De Novo Cloud Services Portfolio
  • Creation and further development of a team of professionals and like-minded people, leadership qualities
  • Cloud service pricing policy management
  • Formation and management of the budget of the business line
  • Creation and implementation of an operating model for cloud service production and customer support
  • Service lifecycle management, R&D program for business development tasks
  • Support for marketing and sales teams

Professional experience and knowledge requirements

  • 5+ years of DevOps experience working with developers of high-load productive systems.
  • Experience in using cloud platforms of PaaS class from AWS, GCP, MS Azure, and understanding of the operation principles of the main services from these providers.
  • Knowledge in the field of microservices development, automation of development and testing of autoscaling architectures software (Kubernetes, etc.), CI/CD pipeline based on cloud services.
  • Understanding of DevOps methodologies and best practices.
  • Understanding of the concept of Infrastructure as a Code, IaaC tools such as Terraform/Ansible/CloudFormation.

We offer

  • Joining top management team of De Novo - the company that occupies a leading position in the Ukrainian Cloud Services market.
  • An excellent opportunity for professional self-realization through the creation of a new business line.
  • All necessary resources — financing, marketing, mature and powerful business infrastructure.
  • Legal wages, decent pay, medical insurance, profit sharing of the developed business line.
  • Comfortable working conditions in the office.


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