Customer's documentation support manager

Candidates with similar job experience at least 1 year according to the Work content have advantages over other applicants.

The candidate must be prepared to demonstrate each of the required professional competencies at the interview.

Job content:

  • Entering into the company`s CRM contracts, working conditions for customers, requests for services from customers. Keeping all information up to date.
  • Keeping all information up to date in 1C about information of sending documents to clients by email, customer`s signers.
  • Billing: creating documents in CRM for a period, checking received documents, transferring information to the 1C system according to the established rules, creating primary documents (invoices and acts) in the 1C, printing primary documents for customers, signing invoices, sending primary documents to customers by email, communication with the company's divisions that take part in the billing process.
  • Creating primary documents (invoices and acts) upon requests or by agreement with customers.
  • Checking returning signed acts from customers.
  • Preparation duplicates of primary documents for customers.
  • Checking receivables according to the business processes of the company.
  • Working with telecom operators (checking the relevance contracts, payment, returned documents, signing additional agreements etc.).
  • Creation requests for payment according to the business processes of the company.
  • Communication with customers, providing information according to the requests of customers, dealing with conflict situations within the framework powers.
  • Checking documents in the M.e.Doc program.
  • Communication with different departments of the company to ensure timely performance of duties.
  • Providing information about billing according to the requests employees and the business processes of the company.
  • Taking part in the business processes of the company.


  • Higher or secondary technical education, preferably by specializations: lawyer, economist, accountant, manager of administrative activities.
  • Work experience at least 2 years according to the Content of work is an advantage.

Personal qualities: responsibility, self-organization, punctuality, accuracy, communicability, flexibility, stress resistance, tact, honesty, positive attitude to life, literacy, attentiveness, desire to learn.

Professional competencies:

  • Manage your working hours effectively.
  • Ability to manage tasks and control their implementation.
  • Well-placed language.
  • Knowledge of business etiquette, rules of business communication, business correspondence.
  • Fluency in both oral and written Ukrainian and Russian languages.
  • Ability to analyze information.
  • Confident user of MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel), the ability to work with documents in the review mode.
  • Knowledge of software products: 1C 8.2-8.3, programs M.e.Doc.
  • Ability to work with electronic document management.
  • Ability to set priorities in the performance of functional duties.
  • Ability to learn.
  • Skills of positive interpersonal communication, ability to work in a team.
  • Readiness for remote work. 
  • Knowledge of English is an advantage.

Business competencies:

  • Ability to work according to the corporate standards, policies and methodologies.
  • Ability to think analytically.

We offer:

  • Recruitment according to The Labor Code of Ukraine.
  • Medical Insurance.
  • Mobile compensation.
  • Business transport for work purposes.

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